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The Funktastic Five was formed in the winter of 2003. Its members consist of some of the top musicians in the Quad Cities.

William “Whistle” Jones provides dynamic, diverse, and velvety vocal treatments to the multiple styles performed in the Funktastic Five.

Nate Nicholson is one of the area’s top guitarists. His versatility and musical ability adds depth and style to any tune. He is also a monster soloist!

Kindred Priest’s mastery of the electric bass allows him to create a solid foundation to a palette of different musical styles.

Craig Bentley has a strong musical background. He is an accomplished jazz guitarist who can adapt to any situation. His vocals add that extra touch to the Funktastic Five sound.

Percussionist Manuel Lopez has an immense understanding of rhythm, which he uses to drive the Funktastic Five.

Be on the lookout for the Funktastic Five!


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